Veteran and His Service Dog Booted From NJ Boardwalk

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The Goerings told , the officer told them that only guide dogs for the blind were allowed on the boardwalk.104, grants access rights to Service Dog teams to areas open to the public. Even after showing the officer Renegade?s vest and service dog insignia, the officer didn?t want to hear any of it. Persons with disabilities who use a service animal cannot be charged additional fees, nor may they be isolated from or treated less favorably than other patrons. To add insult to injury, among other offensive remarks to the couple, ?He went on to say that, ?What are they doing?? Giving every vet a dog now?'? Sally Goering told ABC Action News. Required fields are marked * Comment * Name * Email * Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A North Wildwood police officer, misinformed and uneducated about the rights of service dogs and their owners, not only booted the family from the boardwalk with a summons, but questioned the validity of Goering?s service dog, offended the US. ?Before I got my dog, I didn?t want to do anything,? the veteran said. After trying to explain their rights and asking to speak to a supervisor, the officer allegedly gave the couple a false address.? Then I got my dog and I was able to go out and do that stuff,? Goering said.Jared Goering, his wife Sally, and his service dog named Navigator visited North Wildwood, New Jersey, to walk along the Jersey Shore on their first vacation together in several years. Jared, a U. Matthew Gallagher, North Wildwood chief of police said that the officer will be reprimanded if the investigation deems it necessary. . ? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The city?s mayor has also promised to release an official apology to the family.S. Suffering from the psychological effects of what he endured overseas, including PTSD, Goering credits his service dog, a Labrador retriever named Navigator with allowing him to lead a normal life. As explained by , a business or public venue may ask: 1. This includes restaurants, hotels, taxis & shuttles, public transit, grocery & department stores, hospitals & medical offices, theaters, health clubs, parks, and zoos ? and public boardwalks.? ?I didn?t want to go with my wife anywhere. What task(s) has the Service Dog been trained to perform? Under no circumstances can one ask questions about a person?s disability. Gallagher says that an officer has contacted America?s Vet Dogs for information about better identifying service dogs and to learn the laws and rights of service dog teams ? an action that should have taken place a very long time ago. They were issued a summons and booted from the property. Is the dog is a Service Animal? 2. The North Wildwood Police Department has since launched an internal investigation into the incident. According the the Americans with Disabilities Act, Title III, 28 CFR Section 36. hero, and provided the couple with false contact information for his supervisor. veteran who spent 19 years serving in the army, was forced into medical retirement in 2009, the victim of 2 separate IED explosions over a 36-hour period while serving in Afghanistan.? I didn?t like crowds. Related Items: Recommended for you 31 Comments 31 Comments Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published

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