Our Mission

“Shifting the World's At-Risk children from Danger to Destiny
Millstone strives to provide a healing , nurturing and empowering environment to children and families.
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Our Programs

“it takes a village to raise a child.”


An ancient African proverb states that “it takes a village to raise a child.” Millstone’s primary goal is to create such a village. This village will consist of an all encompassing campus ministry that  includes: , Destiny Center, Millstone Chapel, Recreational Facilities, Communal Market, Resource Center, Health Clinic and Administrative Offices, Education, Legislation, and Talent Development.


The objective of the Millstone Village is to improve the very spirit, mind and body of the lost, at-risk children by reaching out to them with God’s unconditional love.


We purchased 20 acres of land in the Central region in the village of Hweda ( a village identified as high risk for child trafficking/labor).We plan to build a full service school in cooperation with the village leadership.This school will be the only secondary school in that community and will also address the alternative educational needs of children with long educational gaps because of working for their families or personal survival.


We are in the process of groundbreaking now and anticipate finishing the first phase of building by the first quarter of 2021.Our goal is to open the school, in its initial phase,by the September 2021.When we open the facility the majority of our NGO operations for the nation of Ghana will be centralized in that location, as opposed to scholarship children in various schools as we have done in the past.
-We will soon begin breaking ground on our “Millstone Village Project”



Millstone School


Our vision for this school is to offer alternative educational options such as remedial services, fast -track diploma program, vocational as well as general mainstream educational options.We will also offer counseling services for those in need of support in that area.We will provide each participant with a competitive education equivalent to standards set by Africa and surrounding countries. Millstone staff will also go into local schools, churches and other social institutions to teach prevention programs on Child Exploitations. We will also include an elementary program with books and storytellers.


Millstone Clinic


A state of the art clinic that focuses on child victim trauma, STD/HIV testing and other medical issues specific to our clients. This will also be a safe environment staffed with caring and compassionate medical professionals committed to providing excellent care to our clients. This clinic will also collaborate with other similar NGO’s to service their children as well.


Destiny Counseling Center


A transitional therapeutic treatment facility. The destiny center is designed for ex-victims who have achieved and maintained success in the first step in treatment and ready for the next level.  The destiny center builds upon the treatment center. The child will remain in contact with the foster or birth mother while gaining mentors. The team of experts will further determine the aptitudes, abilities, gifts, talents and aspirations of the child. Each participants will then have realistic goals to obtain according to their individual growth and maturity. Each child is then mentored, supported and encouraged to maximize their full potential in order to walk in the fullness of their God given destinies.

Millstone Chapel


A place to enhance spiritual development of each child. The chaplain works in conjunction with the treatment team to counsel, encourage and bring balance to goal development while remaining respectful of the Ghanaian culture. The spiritual development wills to reach the participant to value themselves; thus, strengthening their faith and hope to reach their destinies. Weekly programs will serve as times of refreshment, spiritual training and challenges to become a productive citizen.

Farming/Agriculture/Community Market


Is a place where responsibility, accountability and work ethic is born. Children will take ownership of their village and be responsible to plant fruits and vegetables and raising of livestock that will sustain their village as well as generate income. The outcome will include children valuing honest work ethics, having a realistic value of money and a general concept of the market place.

Millstone Recreational Facilities


Will serve as a place of physical refreshment. Participants will be instructed on healthy living techniques; each child will have the opportunity to have an individualized workout plan.   The recreation center is also a place where boys and girls will have the opportunity to interact and develop social skills and etiquette. Clients will be physically and socially evolved by this program.

Resource Center


A place where the mind can grow! The center will be equipped with an updated library and  technology. Care will be placed into the material selected to ensure that they will challenge, encourage, stimulate, uplift and motivate the survivors to reach their goals.

Talent Development


This program will concentrate on the development of ethics, morals and standards to the clients interested in modeling and/or entertainment industry. We will partner with clean, ethical, reputable companies and professionals to open safe doors of opportunity for them.

Legislation & Advocacy


To continue to partner with local and national governments as we honor our commitment to develop legislature supporting the rights of children. 



Mentoring-Pairing appropriate children with responsible( vetted) adult mentors to inspire them to fulfill their dreams.This will be attained through one-on-one and group mentoring sessions designed to inspire and empower each mentee.