Our Mission

“Shifting the World's At-Risk children from Danger to Destiny
Millstone strives to provide a healing , nurturing and empowering environment to children and families.
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Human Rights/ Child Protection Agency

About Millstone

Millstone was founded in December 2004, and was created to offer protection, support and treatment to exploited children in “Third World” nations. Millstone’s aim is to bring solutions and aid to children in poverty stricken areas.  It’s purpose is to offer emergency care/therapeutic treatment facilities where victims are integrated into curative care blended with traditional family values of the nation served.

Children are removed from dangerous situations and received intense treatment, nurture and support as they are adapted into a safe non-judgmental family setting. To help accomplish our mission of  “shifting the world’s at-risk children from danger to destiny,”


Here at Millstone, we are striving to promote programs and establish a facility that is part of the solution of rescuing at-risk children so they can be in a safe and stable environment.

Our philosophy includes self-worth, establishing healthy relationships with caring people, providing volunteer services, creating educational opportunities that will not only break negative cycles, but create positive alternative for children to help them plan for a better future. These programs are designed to rescue children who are imprisoned to a failing system.

Our Vision

Millstone has established  a three-fold VISION:

Victim Prevention

Victim prevention: advocacy, mentorship and empowerment of high-risk youth through education.Influencing local government to strengthen legislation and protecting at-risk children from exploitation while bringing exposure, stiffer penalties and convictions to perpetrators.

Victim Relief

Partnership with local government sectors to immediately offer relief and safety to cases of abuse ( prostitution,slavery,trafficking,pornography and ritualistic practices) and/or atrocities being committed to children from the womb to 18 years of age.

Victim Aftercare

Victims of exploitation and those of high risk can get treatment associated with their abuse and education provided for them( in third world nations) to equip them holistically to be successful in life! Corrections on Our Programs page

Millstone’s Mission

“Shifting the World’s At-Risk children from Danger to Destiny”

Millstone strives to provide a healing , nurturing and empowering environment to children and families.

The organization’s principle purpose is to provide preventive, rehabilitative and specialized services through which local communities can meet the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of children and families.

Millstone Human Rights/Child Protection Agency does not discriminate in any of its programs and/or facilities on the basis or race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs or affiliations, sexual orientation or marital or family status. Millstone Human Rights/Child Protection Foundation is an equal opportunity provider and employer.