Our Mission

“Shifting the World's At-Risk children from Danger to Destiny
Millstone strives to provide a healing , nurturing and empowering environment to children and families.
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Message from the founder

Someone once said that mankind wants justice for himself but he denies it to others.  This is true for some but for others justice is a way of life.  Millstone is a non- profit organization that has been established to allow justice to be administered to children globally.  Our vision for Millstone to be a solution in response to the overwhelming need for children to be protected globally.

There are many children facing extreme situations globally. These children have been subjected to a lifestyle of suffering and abuse.  Our vision is to see abused, exploited, underprivileged children regain their hope and confidence in a better life by having a second chance at tomorrow.
We are “Shifting the world’s at risk children from danger to destiny.” This is justice.

About Millstone International

Millstone was founded in December 2004, and was created to offer protection, support and treatment to exploited children in “Third World” nations.

Millstone’s aim is to bring solutions and aid to children in poverty stricken areas.  It’s purpose is to offer emergency care/therapeutic treatment facilities where victims are integrated into curative care blended with traditional family values of the nation served. Children are removed from dangerous situations and received intense treatment, nurture and support as they are adapted into a safe non-judgmental family setting. To help accomplish our mission of  “shifting the world’s at-risk children from danger to destiny,”

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Our three-fold VISION

Victim Prevention

Educating the community and influencing local government to strengthen legislation protecting at-risk children from exploitation while bringing exposure, stiffer penalties and conviction to perpetrators.


Our three-fold VISION

Victim Relief

Immediate relief in cases of abuse (prostitution, slavery, pornography,trafficking and ritualistic practices) and/or atrocities being committed to children from the womb to 18 years older


Our three-fold VISION

Victim Aftercare

Where victims of exploitations can receive treatment associated with abuse to holistically prepare them for a successful life.

Our Programs

Millstone Chapel

A place to enhance spiritual development of each child. The chaplain works in conjunction with the treatment team to counsel, encourage and bring balance to goal development while remaining respectful of the Ghanaian culture. The spiritual development wills to reach the participant to value themselves; thus, strengthening their faith and hope to reach their destinies. Weekly programs will serve as times of refreshment, spiritual training and challenges to become a productive citizen.

 Destiny Center

A transitional therapeutic treatment facility. The destiny center is designed for ex-victims who have achieved and maintained success in the first step in treatment and ready for the next level.  The destiny center builds upon the treatment center. The child will remain in contact with the foster or birth mother while gaining mentors. The team of experts will further determine the aptitudes, abilities, gifts, talents and aspirations of the child. Each participants will then have realistic goals to obtain according to their individual growth and maturity. Each child is then mentored, supported and encouraged to maximize their full potential in order to walk in the fullness of their God given destinies.

Health Clinic

A state of the art clinic that focuses on child victim trauma, STD/HIV testing and other medical issues specific to our clients. This will also be a safe environment staffed with caring and compassionate medical professionals committed to providing excellent care to our clients. This clinic will also collaborate with other similar NGO’s to service their children as well.

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Your donation to Millstone international is the gift that keeps giving. When you give to Millstone International, you give the gift of justice.

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